About Us

Founded in 2019, the Wheeling Area Latin Mass Society is a group of Catholic faithful dedicated to the promotion of the traditional Latin Mass and the preservation of Catholic tradition in the Ohio Valley. The primary purpose of our organization is to host Extraordinary Form Masses in the Wheeling Area and to provide to those Catholics who have a connection to the traditional Mass both fellowship and the opportunity to join in our work to better the Church through the promotion of orthodox Catholicism.

In the early days of the organization, we discovered that there was a significant number of Catholics interested in the traditional Mass just waiting for one to be offered in the area. There was an ardent desire for tradition among Catholics in the Ohio Valley, a desire that was not being met at the time. Many local Roman Catholics were driving over an hour away to attend Mass each Sunday. The society was born out of a desire to help meet the spiritual needs of hundreds of devout Catholics in the area who derive spiritual nourishment and comfort from the timeless beauty, reverence, and solemnity of the traditional Latin Mass.

Since then, the Wheeling Area Latin Mass Society has grown significantly in both membership and its capacity to aid the faithful. We are happy to now be able to offer a monthly sung Mass on the 3rd Sunday of each month, and we continue to work toward our ultimate goal of establishing a weekly Sunday Mass. We have plans of expanding to hosting other religious events such as rosaries, holy hours, Vespers, and pilgrimages to nearby holy sites in the near future. In addition to Masses and other liturgical events, we occasionally offer social events such as game nights, film watch parties, picnics, fires, etc.

We receive new inquiries nearly every day from Catholics, and sometimes even Christians of other denominations, who want to learn more about what we do and are curious about the Latin Mass. Some, especially the many young people who flock to the traditional liturgy, are just beginning to discover its rich beauty and depth, while others have a desire to return to the form of the Mass they knew and loved when they were younger. Whatever your relationship to the Latin Mass, you can find a home with the Wheeling Area Latin Mass Society.